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There is no other whiskey quite like triple distilled, twice as smooth Jameson Irish Whiskey. And there is no other experience quite like the Old Jameson Distillery.
Well, actually there is – it’s the Jameson Experience, Midleton.
Choose your location of choice and have a look!

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Experience Ireland’s most loved and treasured whiskeys for yourself, on the Cork Whiskey Way. This self-guided tour brings you on an exciting trail through Cork’s historical city and features ten handpicked pubs, renowned for their extensive knowledge of and passion for Irish whiskey as well as their welcoming atmosphere.

Download the Cork Whiskey Way app to guide you along the trail and help you choose which pubs you wish to visit. Once inside the pub, look for the framed picture of the bar with a QR Code in the image (and maybe enjoy an Irish whiskey while you’re there). Simply scan the QR Code in four of the pubs included on the Cork Whiskey Way to claim a certificate of completion plus a complimentary pass to the Jameson Experience, Midleton. Here, you will discover the true heart of Irish whiskey, a place where Jameson, Powers and Midleton Very Rare are distilled to this day.