Sine Metu: The Story of John Jameson

Our Fearless Founder

Our family motto is Sine Metu - it means ‘without fear’. More importantly, it has inspired us since the first drops were distilled in 1780. That’s why it’s on every one of our bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

But what does it mean to truly live Sine Metu?

Watch the video above and take a few notes from our founder, John Jameson, who took a chance all those years ago when he opened the doors to his own distillery.

We've partnered with Concrete Playground to showcase what it means to live 'without fear', talking some of Australia's most fearless folk on how they live Sine Metu every day. Click here for more.

The Story of John Jameson

Discover the story of John Jameson, the fearless founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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