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Meet Kevin O'Gorman, Head of Maturation

“The production of Jameson is a complete team effort and could not be achieved without the input of the Family at Midleton.”

– Kevin O'Gorman

Aside from the sweet aroma of the Angels’ Share, there is something else in the air in the Jameson Midleton Distillery. Kevin O’Gorman’s words capture the unique spirit of teamwork that runs through Jameson from grain to glass.

Kevin’s role as the Head of Maturation is only made possible by “everyone heading in the one direction”. Sourcing the casks, smooth running of the maturation process and tending to the whiskey, as it is cask matured, is made lighter by the hard work of many hands. Kevin is in awe of the level of commitment shown by his dedicated team, “from the moment you walk in the gates of the distillery this enthusiasm, dynamism and commitment to quality becomes apparent very quickly”.

Like his colleague Ger Buckley in the Midleton Cooperage, Kevin’s role requires a great understanding of the wooden casks that Jameson matures in. His sense of romance for the process is evident when he considers the 150-year journey of the casks. From a forest in Galicia in Northern Spain, to sawmills in Baralla, to the cask manufacture in Jerez, to the “truly special day of the year” when they arrive at the gates of the Midleton distillery. A calendar event that men like Ger and Kevin look forward to like Christmas.


Jameson Irish Whiskey

Ясно е, че производството на блендирано ирландско уиски, на което хората са се наслаждавали в продължение на повече от два века, няма как да е лесно. Но не се тревожи, дестилирахме над 200 години смелост, майсторство и общо уважение към добрия вкус, за да представим ясна и кратка версия на цялата история. И така, ето я тайната на нашата характерна мекота – нашият производствен процес и нашите хора.