What is St.Patrick's Day?

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What is St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s national day of celebration that went global. We can’t take all the credit for the day becoming a celebration, and if we’ve learned anything it’s that the further the party spreads the more interesting it becomes. So this St. Patrick’s Day we’re telling the story about how it all began to illustrate a point: a celebration can start anywhere and can go anywhere.

Spreading The Word

The fact that the first proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration actually happened on the East Coast of America (spoiler alert) proves that this is not a day for rules or making plans. So all we’re doing is spreading the word about a date on the calendar (March 17th), inviting you to start your own celebration. Let’s see where it goes.

Irish For the Day Wherever You Are

You don’t need a parade or green attire to take part. With the right attitude (for us it’s Sine Metu) and a certain amount of luck a celebration can happen anywhere.

Check out our YouTube channel to see more about how we celebrate St.Patrick's Day.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Ясно е, че производството на блендирано ирландско уиски, на което хората са се наслаждавали в продължение на повече от два века, няма как да е лесно. Но не се тревожи, дестилирахме над 200 години смелост, майсторство и общо уважение към добрия вкус, за да представим ясна и кратка версия на цялата история. И така, ето я тайната на нашата характерна мекота – нашият производствен процес и нашите хора.