Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

For over 250 years, people all over the world have gathered on March 17th to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Browse through our selection of Irish cocktails below, featuring much loved old timers the Irish Coffee and the Old Fashioned, to the Irish take on some classics like the Bloody Molly, the Midleton Mule and the Saints Punchbowl. Wherever you are, wherever you are, we can’t promise to rid your backyard of snakes. What we can do is give you a glimpse of the Irish spirit with these Irish drinks. Which is probably more relaxing, and definitely more tasty.


Благодарим, че се присъединихте към нашето семейството!

Докато чакаш отговор от нас, защо не разгледаш някои от нашите рецепти за вкусни питиета за следващия път, когато поканиш приятели на гости?


Възникна грешка