Getting a tattoo certainly isn't easy but neither is meeting new people.

Brilynn Ferguson created her Industry Ink series by approaching bartenders, servers, chefs and others in the Food & Drink industry to profile them through images of their tattoos. In most cases, she didn’t even know them…it was chance encounter or a fortunate introduction through a friend. But taking that step to approach others opened up the opportunity for some amazing photos and some true friendships along with them. Watch the interesting stories of the growth of amazing art and strong friendships, and see these stories from both Brilynn and the bartenders themselves as they sit down together and show us the spirit of Sine Metu. When you fear a bit less, you live a bit more.

Learn more about Brilynn Ferguson's work on her website or follow Brilynn on Instragram: @industryink

Industry Ink & Sine Metu

Discover our story from grain to glass.

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