Not Just A Whiskey Bottle

Every St. Patrick’s Day, we commemorate our Irish heritage by collaborating with some of the finest artists and illustrators Ireland has to offer. Each year one artist’s design and name appears alongside John Jameson’s on the St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Bottle.

The Designer

This year, our bottle was designed by local artist Steve McCarthy, who merged historical and contemporary Dublin with his own unique style. Discover more about the man behind the bottle below.

The Inspiration

Steve’s work is often inspired by the playful use of words that the Irish are famous for. The design focuses on the origins of an Irish phrase, “chancing your arm”, which internationally translates as taking a shot in the dark or stepping out of your comfort zone.

Steve McCarthy's Story | Jameson Limited Edition Bottle Designer

If the story of John Jameson proves anything, it’s that Dublin rewards those who “chance their arm”. Local artist Steve McCarthy took inspiration from the medieval origin of this phrase which created an expression that lives on to this day.

Discover our story from grain to glass.

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