Jameson All-Rounders Beyond The Field

Everyone loves an all-rounder. Those friends you can count on in any situation, from genuine chats about career and life to kicking back and enjoying a great night out. No more one-hit-wonders. The same way Jameson’s blended as the perfect all-rounder for any occasion, it takes a solid blend of skills, talents and passions to succeed in this ever-evolving world.

Brisbane Lions key forward Joe Daniher says that it's his love of music, travel, hospitality and dedication to higher education, that makes him an all-rounder off the footy field.

“Being an all-rounder to me means being open to all the great things, and opportunities that we have in life and all the different experiences that we’ve got available to us,” he says.

A confessed music lover, he says it’s being open to new experiences and having an appreciation for the diversity of life’s opportunities is what makes people more vibrant and enjoyable.

“I think all-rounder people are the people I like to be around. I think as I'm getting older, I'm starting to consider myself as a bit of an all-rounder."

“I'm getting a taste and appreciation for lots of different things in life, different cultures, different industries, different people and to me that's really enjoyable. It's always a challenge to maintain a balance with a professional athletic life and obviously, that takes up a large portion of my time but to indulge myself in lots of other things in life, whether that be study other work opportunities relationships, friendships, or culture. You know, it's something that I love to do.”

At a time when so many of us are longing to grab that passport and go, Joe says that overseas travel in particular, sparked his love for the global music scene and provides inspiration to learn more about the world around him. He spends his time attending music festivals and browsing the vinyl section of Melbourne and Brisbane’s music stores when he can to continue feeding that passion as international travel currently sits dormant.

Music aside, Joe’s moved to ensure that his future goes beyond his professional athletic career by obtaining his Masters of Business Administration. Changing his environment from footy field to classroom has presented a new set of challenges, but he’s relishing the new experiences.

“I'm really enjoying and seeing some growth in myself”

And just as relying on one single skill set makes life rather bland, Joe’s outside interests beyond sport are an important factor for his game, to learn from different environments and boost his ability to work in a team. Off-field, Daniher’s created his own hospitality team, launching a beer company in Melbourne’s inner- North with friends six years ago.

Thwarting the old adage of never getting into business with friends, he took the leap, did the very opposite and hasn’t looked back.

“Being involved in a business with friends and to see the growth and appreciation that we have for one another in a business sense, but more importantly as a friendship is something I hold dear.”

He says it was the way the hospitality industry brought people together that inspired the leap and encouraged them to be, at least in a small way, part of that.

Fiction writer Stephen King said it, “All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.” Luckily, having both an active variety of interests and a wide skill set on and off the field makes this all-rounder anything but dull.

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