Jameson's Short Shift Ft. Matto from Tell Your Friends You Love Them

Where we invite our mates to tell us what they’ve been getting up to during iso and attempt to make their own signature Jamo cocktail. 

Matto is an Artist and Co-Founder of a Non For Profit Charity called Tell Your Friends You Love Them, which is a support network for mental health. You’ll also see him behind the bar slinging Jamo’s in The Standard, Melbourne. We wanted to know what he is getting up to and challenged him to make a drink, he has named the Jamo Boggy.

Matto's work at Tell Your Friends You Love Them

Matto gave us an insight into what he has been doing during isolation in Melbourne, which includes some drawing, watching all of Stan, Netflix and Disney + as well as organising every single cupboard and drawer in his house, which he claims has never been so organised. As well as that, he had much more time to hang out with his dog, teach him some tricks and play a few games of darts with his housemate.

“It is weird being stuck at home, eh?”

– Matto

Matto created a Jamo Boggy, using Jameson, a liberal amount of coffee, sugar, milk and hot water.

The Jamo Boggy

He finishes on a positive note as things are looking up and there is light at the end of the tunnel with bars re-opening. We can all enjoy a frothy pint and a cheeky Jamo in our beloved local bars.

“Things are looking up, there is light at the end of the tunnel”

– Matto


Jameson Irish Whiskey

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