Jameson’s Midnight Kitchen

Best served with mates

Welcome to Jameson’s Midnight Kitchen. The ultimate source of late night feasts and after-hours enlightenment presented by some of our mates.

Jameson’s Midnight Kitchen feat. Leonard’s House of Love 

Nicko & Butters work their late night magic into some 'English Muffin Mini Pizzas' with Jameson's Smooth Dry & Lime tinny.

1 block salted butter
1 packet of English muffins
500g sliced smoked ham
1 jar of kimchi
1 jar pickled jalapeños
1 tin pineapple rings
1 block of cheddar
1 block of gruyère

0. Pre-heat grill to 180 degrees
1. Butter up your muffins and brown them in a pan
2. Transfer muffins to an oven safe tray, top with tomato paste and sliced ham
3. Grate the 2 cheeses & mix together with the kimchi
4. Put on the kim-cheese!
5. Grill until the kim-cheese is melted
6. Take out of the oven to add on a pineapple slice & a jalapeño to each
7. Salt & pepper to taste
8. Serve it up to your mates
(Serves 2)

Jameson’s Midnight Kitchen feat. The Wild Rover 

Luis & Luke serve up their after-hours staple ‘Staffy Sambo’ with Jameson Caskmates, soda & lemon.

3 cheeses of your liking
100g petit rojo (some sort of salami situation)
1 whole pickle
2 slices of sourdough
1 spanish onion
1 egg
1 jar of piccalilli (mustard relish)
1 block salted butter

1. Heat the pan to medium with a slosh of olive oil
2. Butter the outside of your bread
3. Cut the onion into rings and chuck it in the pan until brown.
4. In the meantime, dice the salami and grate the cheese.
5. Spread the relish on the inside of your bread
6. Chuck on the salami and your cheeses
7. Whack it in the pan butter side down
8. Add the other slice on top (buttered side up)
9. Weigh down with a Jamo bottle
10. Cook until golden brown & dripping cheese
11. Flip it
12. Grate even more cheese on top & cook until melted
13. Using a spatula, lift the sandwich up & hold so the cheese drips down & hardens
14. Flip onto your plate so the cheese drips stands up
15. Fry up an egg (sunny side up) & add on top
16. Serve with a pickle on the side
(Serves 1)

Jameson’s Midnight Kitchen feat. The Stuffed Beaver

Adam & Leroy get culinary and then stuff their faces with 'Sketti with Mushrooms' with Jameson on the rocks.

1 pack of spaghetti
1 bag of mushrooms
2 cloves garlic
1 brown onion
1 block parmesan cheese
1 parsley bunch
100g Breadcrumbs (pre-fried)
Salt & pepper
Salted butter
Extra virgin olive oil

1. Chop the garlic & slice the mushrooms
2. Boil the water for your sketti in a pot
3. Heat oil in a pan
4. Cook your garlic & mushrooms, whist your pasta cooks for 8mins in the pot
6. Add some pre-fried breadcrumbs
7. Add your pasta into the pan & stir through all the ingredients
8. Pop the lid on & continue to cook for 2mins
9. Grate parmesan cheese on top
10. Plate up & garnish with more parmesan & chopped parsley
11. Salt & pepper to taste
(Serves 2-3)


Jameson Irish Whiskey

As you can imagine, producing a blended Irish whiskey that has been enjoyed for over two centuries, takes a lot. But don’t worry, we’ve distilled over 200 years of courage, craft and a collective appreciation for taste, into one short account. So here’s the secret behind our signature smoothness – our process and our people.