Athens Bar Show

Athens Bar Show, Jameson was back… in Black! 

On November 5th & 6th of November, Jameson brought the ‘John Jameson and Son - Whiskey Room + General Store’ to Greece.

New Show - new experience, we’ve turned our General Store in black for a clear focus on our delicious Black Barrel Whiskey.

Drink menu of Jameson cocktails served at the 2019 Athens Bar Show

These cocktails where also showcased during a Jameson Take-Over in a secret venue called ‘The Shelter’, called this way because it used to be a World War II.

This Takeover brought together Greeks & International Bartenders, who developed drinks using again the ingredients of the Perivoli Vari Farm.

The line-up was impressive:

  • Michalis Botonakis & Dimitris Skordylis (Boheme, Chania)
  • Ania Kulak (Bortenfor, Oslo)
  • Max Collins Wolff (Swift, London)
  • Will Meredith (Lyaness)
  • Giannis Kedes (VOGATSIKOU 3)
  • Danil & Edide (Cocktail For You)
  • Dionisis Polatos (Ipitou the bar, Athens).

These days in Athens have been incredible and we’ve all been impressed by the level of Hospitality of the Greek Industry. We can’t wait to be back!