The Global Finals in Ireland

The Global Finals in Ireland: WHAT TO EXPECT? 

The Global Finals of the Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming will bring together bartenders from all around the world who previously won local competitions in their respective markets.

The Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming is a serious competition that doesn’t take itself to seriously. We expect to see great ideas and cocktails but overall a lot of craic and collaboration… and who knows maybe an international winning prize at this end of the way!


This year competition will be divided into 3 eliminatory Rounds. Each Round will give you the opportunity to show your skills and be as creative as possible.

Round 1: You’d better know your Irish Classics!

At Jameson we love creativity, but we also like sometimes to go back to basics. A good drink, simple, well balanced and quickly served.

For the first round of the Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming competition we want to put your skills to the test in a speed competition.

Yes.. A speed competition.

Each of you will have 5 minutes to prepare as many cocktails as possible from the 10 Classic Irish Cocktails listed in this booklet*.

You will be judged on the speed, presentation, taste and "style” (technic & interaction with the audience, hospitality).

Round 2: From Farm to Glass

Round 3: Grow your Own Cocktail

For this final round, you will be able to use all the knowledge you’ve learnt during the previous days. The finalists will be offered to partner with 2 other bartenders to support them in the challenge.

With complete access to Ballymaloe garden and extra resources, each team will have 3 hours to build a menu, from scratch, including: cocktails, glassware and the menu itself. We will provide the mixmaster with only the bottles of spirits and some primary ingredients & material.

That should be fun! Good luck!


Since this year we promote the “From Farm to Glass” theme, it felt necessary to adapt our prize.

The International Winner of the Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming competition 2019 will be awarded the opportunity to develop a project supporting his/her local community, in close collaboration with the Jameson international team, thanks to a Jameson’s investment worth €20K.

The winning bartender will sign a partnership contract with us after the competition and the project will be developed in complete collaboration with us.

Example of project to be developed:
· Developing your line of aprons in partnership with neighbourhood craftsmen.
· Opening a collaborative ingredients garden for bartenders to source their ingredients.
· Hosting masterclass/workshops with international experts open to the rest of the community.
· Any other idea you could have!


Jameson Irish Whiskey

As you can imagine, producing a blended Irish whiskey that has been enjoyed for over two centuries, takes a lot. But don’t worry, we’ve distilled over 200 years of courage, craft and a collective appreciation for taste, into one short account. So here’s the secret behind our signature smoothness – our process and our people.