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Facts about China

Population: 1.39 billion

The Chinese climate varies from region to region, since the country is so huge. In the northeast, where Beijing sits, the summers are hot and dry and the winters are freezing cold. The north and central regions, including Chengdu, have frequent bouts of rain coupled with hot summers and cold winters.

Shanghai has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are cold and temperatures sometimes drop below zero. Snow seldom falls. In contrast, summers tend to be hot and humid.

Other interesting facts:
There are around 600,000 expats living in China in different sectors. The cocktail bar trend is witnessing a rapid growth.

There are around 200,000 lodgings in China, with about 15,000 of them star-rated by the government

Shanghai is the centre of modern drinking culture – where cocktails, fine wine and whiskey lounges are popular

The Masterclass

How many people attended?
16 people attended the masterclass (10 Bartenders & 6 Staff)


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