Here's the important travel info....

What you need to know and what you need to bring. 


Your flights and travel will all be taken care of by the team. A PR representative will either accompany you or make sure you have all the details for your inbound and outbound flight to Ireland.

Once you arrive in Ireland our team will take care of you from then until it’s time to say goodbye.


• With the unpredictable weather in Ireland I reckon you’ll need a rain coat. Nah, you’ll 100% need a rain coat make sure to bring one.
• Adapters

• €€- All of your meals will be provided for you, the only time you may need to input your own cash is for after-hours drinks or souvenirs. From previous experience we would advise smokers to buy cigarettes before travelling to Ireland, as they are extremely expensive here (€10.50 for 20).
• Your passport- please do not forget your passport
• Visa Documents- If you need a visa don’t forget to bring your documents

See you all soon Barrelmen!