Will Meredith

Will is the Head Bartender of Lyaness, London.

Lyaness uses the team’s unique ability to hunt out weird and wonderful flavours and makes them interesting and accessible. They design their menu around ingredients rather than just cocktail types. The menu changes around the ingredients that they find, create or are a result of experimentation by chefs, collaborators and like-minded people.

Will’s experience with sourcing strange and wonderful ingredients and collaborating with like-minded people makes him the perfect fit to judge our Global Final with the theme ‘From Farm To Glass’


Jameson Irish Whiskey

As you can imagine, producing a blended Irish whiskey that has been enjoyed for over two centuries, takes a lot. But don’t worry, we’ve distilled over 200 years of courage, craft and a collective appreciation for taste, into one short account. So here’s the secret behind our signature smoothness – our process and our people.