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Jameson Barrelmen's Homecoming



This year’s Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming saw us welcome 68 bartenders and over 120 guests from more than 28 countries. Over the course of 4 days we brought bartenders on a journey of discovery giving them the inside scoop on our products, brand, heritage and home.

‘From Farm to Glass’ was the 2019 Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming theme, focusing on the importance of collaborating with local craftsmen to make the most out of the uniqueness of your local environment.

Following a series of exciting heats in over 20 countries from Canada to Malaysia… Kazakhstan to China, where bartenders were encouraged to partner with local producers, gardeners, craftsmen in order to grab their spot at the Global Finals.

We kicked off JBH 2019 at the heart and home of Jameson, where it all began- Jameson Bow Street Distillery. Private Jameson Bow St. Experiences, an opening dinner and bartender guest shifts by our judges in one of Dublin’s hottest bars was just the beginning.

On Monday morning, Day 2, we started our morning off with a wellness and yoga session for a good stretch and some meditation. The afternoon brought us to 3 different locations in Dublin meeting talented and passionate collaborators ready to share their passions all linked to our theme ‘From Farm to Glass’. Our workshops for the day consisted of a ‘Simple Drinks – Complex Taste’, Drink workshop with Andrew Dickey. A ‘Grow Your Own Cocktail’ workshop where you had the opportunity to visit an urban farm in the city. We gave you all a deep dive into music and the importance of music in your bar with DJ Aido and last but not least, we showed you how to ‘Raise Your Glass [ware game]’ by understanding the importance of glassware with Eoin McNally from Design Partners.

On Tuesday, Day 3, we hopped on a train for our next destination. We were off to Midleton to gain a more in-depth insight into our whiskey and meet some the master’s and Barrelmen behind it all. From breaking down a barrel with our 5th Generation Cooper, Ger Buckley, visiting the Working Distillery Warehouse, Still House and Maturation House, touring our heritage centre of the Old Distillery where operations took place up until the 1960’s to tasting some of our new innovations in our Micro-Distillery, it was a jam-packed day full of all things whiskey.

That night, we had a surprise awaiting you all. It was time to chill out, sip on some drinks and listen to an Irish talent at a concert in Independent Park, Cork. With Hozier belting out the tunes on stage and a Jameson in hand, it called for a good end to the day.

The 4th and last day of our Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming 2019 brought our bartenders to Ballymaloe Cookery School & Garden where guests were given a private tour of the garden and had the opportunities to learn about various plants, herbs and flowers grown locally.

But, of course in the midst of all this craic we had the competition. We put our Mixmaster’s skills to the test during the global finals of Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming.

: Speed Round Competition: You’d Better Know Your Irish Classics

From Farm to Glass, cocktail competition

Grow Your Own Cocktail, cocktail competition

Following a competition where the jury was blown away by the level of creativity and technicity of all the competitors, we are absolutely delighted to have the talented Ania Kulak from Norway as our Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming 2019 Global Winner.

Now, we promise there is more to come but for now let’s look at some of this year’s JBH 2019 highlights….

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