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“Grow your Own Cocktail” is a Jameson initiative encouraging bartenders to look around them leverage better their local resources and promote collaboration with local farmers & producers.

The Grow Your Own Cocktail web-series will give us the opportunity to discover the fascinating terroir, local know-how and drinking culture in many countries. We will meet farmers, producers, bartenders. Discover new ingredients, technics and learn about gardening and foraging with the best.

Welcome to the Jameson Bartender Academy! 

The Jameson Bartender Academy is our global education program. Every year, we receive bartenders from all around the world for an immersive experience at the heart of our distillery in Midleton and brand home in Dublin.

Our education programs have been built by bartenders for bartenders to ensure we provide best in class masterclass and drink modules, experiences and so much more.

Hello whiskey nerds!

Want to know more about Jameson Whiskey and Irish Pot Still Whiskey in general? This section is for you!

Brand ambassadors, Bartenders, Global Team. At Jameson we care about whiskey… and about people. We believe that you are great on your own but we are better together.

So wherever you are, meet the fam, meet the glorious people behind our whiskey, the bartenders pouring it. And maybe you'll meet us at our next event?

We debuted our new Bar Show Experience and taught guests how to Grow their Own Cocktail with our experts at the biggest bar show in Europe.

Jameson attended Bar Convent Berlin, the European biggest Bar Show attracting 15 000 bar industry professionals for 3 days with a new stand experience and 2h interactive workshop.

The Booth

The John Jameson & Son – Whiskey Room + General Store 

In an age where it seems we are only connected virtually, we’ve decided to create a space for people to meet, learn and share. A place to bring us all together – the Jameson way.

For the first time, Jameson opened the doors of The John Jameson & Son – Whiskey Room + General Store, an homage to one of the great institutions of Ireland: the Bar & grocer. A place where you can buy anything you need, from groceries to hardware. Also a bar where locals used to go after a day of work to get together and chat over a nip of whiskey.

Guestd stopped by, had a laugh with our hosts, met our Storyteller from the Jameson Distillery Bow Street, learned about Irish Whiskey with our expert from our Midleton distillery, sipped delicious cocktails made exclusively with local products made by the great Ania Kulak (Bortenfor -Oslo) and Chloe Merz (Angel’s Share – Basel) and best of all - met new friends.

To top it all off, they collaborated in the creation of a book with the best recommendations of bars, producers to meet, recipes to try and ingredients to taste.

The Seminar

Grow Your Own Cocktail Seminar

Following the launch of Grow your Own Cocktail web series, Jameson brought the initiative to Germany and hosted a Grow your Own Cocktail seminar, discussing local sourcing, urban farming and sharing techniques about growing in a bar and flavour preservation.

ANIA KULAK (Bortenfor, Oslo)

ANIA KULAK (Bortenfor, Oslo)

FILIP KASZUBSKI, (Bar Manager, Velvet)

FILIP KASZUBSKI, (Bar Manager, Velvet)



Our experts ANIA KULAK (Bortenfor, Oslo), FILIP KASZUBSKI, (Bar Manager, Velvet), DEACON DUNLOP & ANNE KAULFUß (Ackerpulco Farm), shared their experience and expertise during this 2-hour hands on workshop.


Master Class - Coming Soon