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Jameson Bartender Academy

Welcome to the Jameson Bartender Academy! 

The Jameson Bartender Academy is our global education program. Every year, we receive bartenders from all around the world for an immersive experience at the heart of our distillery in Midleton and brand home in Dublin.

Our education programs have been built by bartenders for bartenders to ensure we provide best in class masterclass and drink modules, experiences and so much more.

Who should attend? 


Both Academies are made for bartenders, bar owners, waiters(ress) who want to develop their Irish Whiskey knowledge and have a passion for Jameson.

The Dublin Bartender Academy will suits the bartenders who would like to (re)discover the basics about Irish Whiskey, learn more about Jameson story and get inspiration from the streets of Dublin.

The Midleton Bartender Academy is for the serious geeks, who want to meet the people behind our whiskeys, get to see the warehouses and live the most traditional Irish experience. A good level of whiskey knowledge is required to attend this Academy.

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