Jameson Bartender Hub

Jameson Bartender Hub

Welcome to the Hub…

And welcome to the family!

Year by year, Jameson has been sparking connections with bartenders from all around the world, creating one big community. Over the years, we’ve met some amazing people who have shared their knowledge, skills and expertise so I suppose it’s about time we share that with you.

Here, we’ll bring you on a journey of discovery. To a place where to pick up insider tips, make connections and above all, share knowledge. And to top it off, just like a nice garnish, we’ll fill you in on all things Jameson that relate to your side of the bar. So pop back to the Hub anytime to find out this year’s Jameson Barrelmen’s Homecoming, our Global Bartender Summit and competition, our Bartender Academy and of course to meet the other members of the family.