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World Whiskey Day Live


Join Jameson to celebrate World Whiskey Day right in the comfort of our own home.

On Saturday May 16th, we brought you a very special broadcast, live from our very own Jameson Distillery in Bow Street, Dublin. What was involved? Pretty much business as usual. Songs, stories and cocktails from the best in each of those businesses. Only difference is this time, we’re throwing open the virtual doors, and you’re coming on in.

Live Music from Gavin James

We kicked off with a few songs from one of Ireland’s best musical exports, none other than Gavin James.​ Our host takes you beyond the bar and into the archives (the barchives?), where you're treated to an audience with Jameson Cooper Killian O’Mahony. If that’s not enough, go Around the World in 3 Drinks, with a whirlwind tour from Ireland, to the US, to Kenya, where you’ll learn to make some of the greatest and easiest whiskey cocktails known to humankind. Consider yourself the Phileas Fogg of the virtual cocktail world.

Yep, if there is one thing we don’t do by halves, it’s World Whiskey Day. Oh and limes also. Always quarters. Never, ever in half.

The live stream took place on the Jameson YouTube channel, Saturday 16th May, 8pm Dublin Time, 3pm Eastern Standard Time. But now, you can take a look below: 

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