Jameson, the world’s bestselling blended Irish Whiskey has teamed up with Ghanaian artists in the music, fashion art industry to create the ‘MORE THAN’ campaign. This campaign seeks to showcase the creative art industry in Ghana, championing real people within the industry and their stories through a powerful and inspiring series of short films that depict courage, foster inclusivity and bring the creative community and everyday Ghanaian together.

Joey Lit - The second series, premiering on Saturday, 27th February 2021 features the Street Wear Fashion designer and Free The Youth Co-Founder, Joey Lit. Joey, through this film expresses the reasons for his source of inspiration. He recalls the role his community TEMA plays in his creative expression. “Weekends came with dance battles, rap battles and drip battles. The elaborate colours, the grand styles, the creative vibes. I had to be a part of it.” Watch the video below.

T’neeya - Launched on Friday, 12th February 2021, the first MORE THAN series features T’neeya, a Cameroonian singer and songwriter based in Ghana. Her pan-African soul and Afrobeats influences resonates with music fans in Ghana and beyond. In this series, T’neeya recalls her struggles to breakout to find her own path in the industry. She recollects the influence of the community and the encouragement it gave her to break all boundaries set before her.

A striking visual language with a strong message of inclusiveness and togetherness, Jameson hopes to inspire us to have the courage to pursue our independent spirits despite the everyday societal pressures.

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