Patricio Cassinoni

Hello, Patricio. A contemporary artist, painter and photographer who has recently been capturing our new reality through his latest project, Quarantine.

With all of us being in lockdown, we asked if could we take a seat at his table. With his open arms extended, we joined the party and like magic, his native Buenos Aires sunshine broke through.

If we’ve learned one thing of late, Jameson Stout Edition is best enjoyed with mates.
Peruse (very ‘art’ word) Patricio’s photography below.

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Adrian Wojtas

Adrian Wojtas

Ah, here’s Adrian. A man of many talents and an owner of countless novelty socks. When the idea of Jameson Caskmates Series was first brought up in conversation in a cosy Cork bar, it seemed simple. Create a whiskey that’s greater than the sum of its casks.