Our Jameson Whiskey Family

The 2018 Jameson Limited Edition Bottle

Designed by collaboration, best enjoyed together.

When friends come together, great things can happen, especially when they happen to be an artist, an illustrator and a photographer. Our 2018 Limited Edition Bottle has been a collaborative design by Claudine O’Sullivan, Alex Mellon and Leonn Ward. Their work represents bravery, unity and the opportunities that lie ahead when friends come together.

Three friends, one Limited Edition Bottle. 

Dublin has long been a city of artists, adventurers and friends. For our 2018 Limited Edition Bottle, we asked three friends with different artistic styles to design our bottle, resulting in a design that celebrates the bravery and unity that lies behind every great friendship.


Meet the designers

This year, we asked three designers to collaborate on our Limited Edition Bottle

Leave your mark at the home of Jameson

We’re giving you the chance to have your name carved at the bar at Jameson Distillery Bow Street, alongside some of the most celebrated names from Jameson’s history