Jameson Caskmates Topcutter IPA Edition

After a long flight to Dublin and a short car ride to Midleton, the Bale Breaker lads were in the home of Jameson. After exploring Midleton, they were taken to our distillery to brew up their secret Topcutter IPA recipe with homegrown hops shipped all the way from the Yakima Valley.

Upon finishing the batch, the beer was put into some freshly used Jameson oak barrels. Once all those amazing flavors were a part of our barrels, the beer was replaced with whiskey and Jameson Caskmates Topcutter IPA Edition was born.

Not only does the whiskey tell a great story about a great partnership, but it also marries the smoothness of Jameson with the signature Yakima hop character and citrus aromas for the perfect whiskey to pair with Bale Breaker beer. Whether you’re from Ireland, Yakima, or somewhere in between, we hope you enjoy the newest edition to our Jameson Caskmates family.

We recommend sipping both the whiskey and beer together while imagining the green mountains of Washington and rolling hills of Ireland.


Located in the Yakima Valley and backed by four generations of hop farming experience, Bale Breaker started in 2013, and has grown to become the fourth largest independent craft brewery in Washington.

Hops are in the family's DNA: the great-grandparents of sibling-owners Meghann Quinn, Kevin "Smitty" Smith, and Patrick Smith first planted hops in the Yakima Valley in 1932. With a 30-barrel brewhouse at a 27,000 square foot facility, Bale Breaker crafts four year-round canned beers, including the widely celebrated Topcutter IPA. The onsite taproom hosts frequent food trucks and events, with a beautiful outdoor patio and lawn, perfect for enjoying the Yakima sunshine here in Washington state.


Finished in Topcutter IPA barrels, this limited edition whiskey is only available in Washington and won’t be around long.

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As long as we can remember, whiskey and beer have lived behind the bar together—but never as one. Jameson Caskmates is a one-of-a-kind series created out of passion for craft, quality, and neighborhood collaboration.