The Story of Jameson Caskmates

The truth behind Caskmates is now part of Jameson legend. So, to find out the story behind the story, we asked the legendary Ger Buckley, fifth generation Cooper who uses the same methods and tools as his grandfather. We found out how precious wood and barrels are to the process and to him.

Then we met the living legend, Dave Quinn, the man who, borrowed some of Ger’s beloved barrels from the Distillery, brought them over to a local brewery, and ultimately invented Jameson Caskmates.

Here's how it all unfolded...

For over 230 years, there’s been one answer to any question about why we do the things we do at Jameson. And the answer is always taste. It’s always being our driving force. Every story in our history comes back to taste. But the thing is, every story that our future holds will be all about taste too.

Why? Taste, That’s Why 


Meet Our Jameson Whiskey Family

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