Dermot Kennedy "Giants"
Behind the Scenes with Jameson

Sine Metu, a Latin phrase meaning without fear has sat on our 'album' sleeve since 1780. It also sits on the debut album of Ireland's other greatest export, Dermot Kennedy.

'Without Fear' is an ethos and mindset which has served him well, allowing him to perceiver through any and all challenges. Something Jameson knows all about. And the connection doesn't stop there. It's even in his name too. Dermot or Diarmuid in Irish means 'Without Fear'.
Absolutely but it's one we love.

Tonight, he stands outside our great home at Bow St. An iconic venue for an iconic moment. Busy filming the music video for his new single 'Giants'. And we're here to give you a sneak peak of the shoot for his new record, written and recorded during quarantine. An immediate anthem exploring the complexities of life, the inevitability of change and new beginnings in a new world. His words not ours.

The video finds Dermot running through a deserted Dublin attempting to get back to how things were before. He trailblazes over the empty streets which are rich in story, his story and history. Placing life and light back into the sleepy streets which made him. From Grafton St, where he earned his stripes, serenading anyone and everyone who passed. To Vicar St, where he played a 4-night sold out run. One of the highlights of his career. Not to mention Bow St, where we have our bottles and barrels crossed, that he'll play someday too. Thoughts Dermot?!

And although this cities spaces are dormant for now, there is a feeling of hope in the air. Doors will open. Crowds will gather. People will sing. And we'll be together again soon. As ceol and craic live on, come rain or shine, with a whiskey or two in hand of course. But until then, check out our behind the scenes of Dermot's new music video. And maybe we'll see you at that post-lockdown, Dermot Kennedy 'Bow St' gig. Right Dermot… right?!