Explore sustainability at our distillery

Our Midleton distillery prioritizes keeping things clean and green while we make our whiskey.


100% of the electricity used at Midleton Distillery is from renewable sources.*


100% of barley used in the production process is sourced from within a 60 mile radius of the distillery and is fully traceable to the farm where it was grown.**


At Midleton Distillery, we've achieved zero waste to landfill by implementing segregation and recycling initiatives.


Many elements of the production process are circular in nature. Cereal by-products from whiskey making are turned into animal feed, which is sold to local farmers. Irish whiskey is matured in casks which have already been used to mature bourbon, sherry, and wine, meaning that fewer trees are felled.


All Jameson bottles are produced using >80% recycled glass.


All Jameson packaging is fully recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council certified. We're founding members of Repak, a not-for-profit repackaging recycling scheme funded by contributions from almost 3,000 participating member companies.

*14% of the energy used is electricity; the rest is natural gas.

**If the harvest is particularly bad, barley may be sourced from France, but this hasn't happened in many years, and Midleton Distillery mentors and educates local farmers so that they may produce the highest quality barley.

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The doors to our Midleton and Bow St. distilleries in Ireland are open. Come pay us a visit.

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