Fulton Beer

Meet Our Minneapolis Brewery Partner

Hear from Fulton Beer's Director of Marketing Tucker Gerrick about the brewery, their neighborhood, and ideas for pairing their beer with Jameson Caskmates and food..

Mike Salo, Brewer

Partnering with Jameson in 5 Words

"Rewarding, inspiring, enjoyable, prideful, delicious!"

Great American Beer Festival® Barrel Aged Beer

Whiskey, War and Peace

“An imperial coffee stout, because we wanted both parties to shine! The quiet and harmonious intersection of bold, familiar flavors including dark chocolaty malt, dark roasted coffee, and smooth Irish whiskey.”

Tell Us About Your Neighborhood

"Our taproom brewery is happily situated in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. Until semi-recently it was just known as the "Warehouse District." This area of town has seen a lot of change in recent years. It's become the go-to for craft beer, craft cocktails, and killer food. Our neighborhood means revitalization and a renewed interest.

Everyone needs a local place to go to that feels like an extension of "home." Whether it's for date night, a celebratory drink, post-work beer, or a solitary moment, the Fulton taproom is that for the neighborhood. Whatever you need in a place to grab a beer, we hope to offer that up."

Jameson Caskmates Food Pairing
  • Beef or Dark Chocolate Semifreddo
  • Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
  • Fulton Whisky War & Peace

"You could go two ways very confidently here. For dinner, we'd recommend something like a long-smoked beef brisket, maybe with a homemade Whiskey, War & Peace BBQ sauce. For something that's also super rich, but on the more sweet and decadent side of things, we’re thinking a Dark Chocolate Semifreddo would make for an incredibly complementary pairing. Many of the subtle characteristics Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition has are more forward in our beer. They make very good drinking buddies."


Find Out More About Jameson Caskmates

As long as we can remember, whiskey and beer have lived behind the bar together - but never as one. Jameson Caskmates is a one-of-a-kind series created out of passion for craft, quality and neighborhood collaboration.