Harpoon Brewery

Meet Our Boston Brewery Partner

For the second year running, Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey and Harpoon are collaborating to bring a barrel-aged beer to Boston's neighborhoods and to the Great American Beer Festival® this September. Using whiskey barrels shipped all the way from the Jameson Distillery in Midleton, Ireland, Harpoon Brewery has created a limited edition brew you won’t want to miss. Hear from Head Brewer Ryan Thompson about the brewery, their neighborhood, and the journey to the GABF.

     Ryan Thompson, Head Brewer

Ryan Thompson, Head Brewer

Partnering with Jameson and GABF in 5 Words

"Great addition to classic party."

Great American Beer Festival® Barrel Aged Beer

BA Cannoli Stout

“Inspired by my grandparents: chocolatey sweet, creamy, vanilla, roasty.”

Try this limited edition release at The Great American Beer Festival® this September.

Tell Us About Your Neighborhood

"The Seaport is now one of the hottest areas in Boston, with bars, shops, movie theaters, live music, the Innovation and Design Center, and hotels just feet from the brewery. Our brewery, located in a marine industrial park, is surrounded by long-standing neighbors, most of whom are involved in the fishing industry. We’ve been here since we started the brewery in ’86. There are some real similarities between the trajectory of our neighborhood and that of craft beer. Most people who visit assume that we were visionaries—that we saw the Seaport evolving into what it has become. The truth is a little different: in the same way that we had no idea that better beer would ever become a category, we had no idea that the Seaport would evolve as it did. There really aren’t that many urban, regional breweries these days. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to do what we do where we do it, and are grateful to the neighbors who have helped make that happen."

Jameson Caskmates Food Pairing
  • Any Rich, Decadent Dessert
  • Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
  • Harpoon BA Cannoli Stout

"Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition is a great pairing for sure, as it plays nicely with darker malts and roasty flavors. For food, I'd recommend chocolate cake, pie, or mouse, vanilla cupcakes, pound cake, tres leches donuts etc."


Find Out More About Jameson Caskmates

As long as we can remember, whiskey and beer have lived behind the bar together - but never as one. Jameson Caskmates is a one-of-a-kind series created out of passion for craft, quality and neighborhood collaboration.