Jameson Love Thy Neighborhood Block Party in Miami

On Sunday, February 10 we held our Jameson Love Thy Neighborhood Block Party in Miami in support of Keep America Beautiful and its local community partner. It was an awesome celebration of the neighborhood bartenders, music, craft beer and food that make Miami unique.


Check out some of the Block Party's best moments

Want to see how we celebrated some of the best of Miami's neighborhoods?

Jameson Tastemakers

Experience Twelve’Len's Miami

We sat down with Jameson musician Twelve'Len to find out what he loves about his local neighborhoods in Miami.

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Jameson cocktails from across the U.S.

The Jameson Love Thy Neighborhood Block Party featured some of our favorite cocktails from neighborhoods across the U.S. Now, learn how to make these same cocktails at home.


Our Jameson musicians rocked the Miami Block Party

Since music by local artists is such an important part of a neighborhood's identity, we've put together a Spotify playlist with songs from our Jameson musicians to celebrate their unique styles.

Performers at the Jameson Block Party: Twelve'Len, DJ Ross Grizzly, Robert Ellis, Cedrice, Ayron Jones, Shannon Shaw, Wes Watkins, Kami

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We’re touring the country!

Join us for more Love Thy Neighborhood Block Parties coming up across the country. Try our favorite cocktails, food pairings and dance with our Jameson musicians in your neighborhood.


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