Jameson Music

The Jameson Music Program brings together musicians from cities across the country. Each musician embodies their neighborhood’s music and style. This year, they’re coming together in various cities as part of our Love Thy Neighborhood Block Party tour, performing one-of- a-kind cross genre shows that celebrate their unique neighborhoods’ sounds.


Check out some of our musicians' best moments

See our Jameson musicians in action as they bring their unique styles to the Love Thy Neighborhood Block Party tour.

Meet our Musicians

Julia Haltigan - New York 

Julia Haltigan came up on the Lower East Side of New York City when it oozed a heady mix of danger, possibility and art. Julia evolved from the complexities of her childhood into a sensitive badass who rides vintage Triumph motorcycles and sings primal rock n’ roll with smoldering expressivity.


Lavares Joseph is a Haitian-American singer better known by his alias Twelve’Len. Raised in Carol City, Florida, he grew up surrounded by a bustling rap scene but set himself apart sonically by blending the soul, rock, and hip-hop genres. Recently, Twelve’Len has toured with Tei Shi, and worked as a creative director for various fashion brands. Today, he is putting the finishing touches on an upcoming album and is ready to put Miami on the map with Jameson.

Ms. Cedrice - San Diego

A native of San Diego, Cedrice embodies what it means to find your passion, follow your soul and lead with faith. She started out as the main alto/soprano for ensemble performances and her initial band, Abstrack. Since then, she's been delighting audiences as a solo artist with her majestic vocals and impassioned lyrics. Her music explores the continuum of life as she is coming into her own and facing the challenges of love, life, and growth. Ms. Cedrice is an artist with something to say and a voice to share it.

Katie Schecter - Nashville 

Nashville transplant Katie Schecter has been forging her expansive “Old-Soul-New-Sound” for as long as she can remember. After relocating to Nashville, she embarked on her latest musical endeavor, a self-titled release, where she channels her love for no frills garage rock, “Cosmic American music," and 1960s psychedelic pop. This record is a modern twist on vintage sound, and a small glimpse into the stylistic diversity we can expect from Katie Schecter.

Ayron Jones - Seattle 

Seattle born and bred Ayron Jones has quickly become a fixture on the Seattle rock scene. Jones uses a unique style of guitar playing, originally forged by Jimi Hendrix, where the chord and solo are played in concert, creating a vibrant energy of punk and an attitude of hip-hop. Jones captures the iconic Seattle rock and roll sound, with music described as a mix of funk, blues and grunge.

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