River Horse Brewing Co.

Meet Our New Jersey Brewery Partner

Hear from River Horse Brewing Co.'s Head Brewer Chris Rakow about the brewery, their neighborhood, and ideas for pairing their beer with Jameson Caskmates and food.

           Chris Rakow, Head Brewer

Chris Rakow, Head Brewer

Partnering with Jameson in 5 Words

"We’re proud, inspired, excited, honored."

Great American Beer Festival® Barrel Aged Beer


“An imperial, dry Irish-style stout aged with vanilla and coffee beans. We love doing takes on classic cocktails. This is our take on an Irish coffee. Aptly named Craic, because beer is meant to be fun.”

One Score and Two Years Ago

“A version of Tripel Horse, our Belgian-style ale brewed with spices and orange peel, fermented with tart cherries and aged in Jameson barrels. We originally did this beer two years ago for our 20th anniversary (one score) in 2016. It was our take on an Old Fashioned, which is a frequently consumed cocktail among the brewery staff. We thought it would be interesting to do it again, two years later, in Jameson barrels.”

Tell Us About Your Neighborhood

"I love how welcoming our neighborhood was when we were looking for a new location for the brewery. Everyone's very supportive. I feel like the employees reflect the neighborhood. You don’t just come to work and punch a clock; you’re a part of team, you’re a part of the future. Everyone is involved in tasting new beers, events, art work, etc. I want to hear what they think, so it’s not a one man show. If it was, we’d fail miserably.

Our neighborhood means so much to us. We're involved as much as possible with all community events, and our neighborhood bars are an appendage of River Horse. They support us by pouring our beer and we support them by sending friends, family, and fans of River Horse there to drink!"

Jameson Caskmates Food Pairing
  • Aged Cheese and Chocolate
  • Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
  • River Horse Craic

"Drink Craic with aged cheeses like Gouda, Parmesan or cheddar, or drink it with dessert and pair it with dark chocolates or chocolate and raspberries. The beer can really be paired with almost anything! The sweetness from the beer and the sweetness from Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition go so well together, both smooth with a long finish. This is a match made in heaven."


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As long as we can remember, whiskey and beer have lived behind the bar together - but never as one. Jameson Caskmates is a one-of-a-kind series created out of passion for craft, quality and neighborhood collaboration.