Twelve’Len's Miami

We sat down with Jameson musician Twelve'Len to find out what he loves about his local neighborhoods in Miami.

Where to go for live music?

The Wynwood Arts District. They always have random amazing artists playing.

Where to go for the best bars?

Also Wynwood. The people are so warm and music amazing.

Where to go for the best food?

Little Haiti and Carol City for great food.

Where is the best art scene?

Little Haiti and Wynwood has the art scene.

Favorite underrated neighborhood?

Definitely Hialeah.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

What I love about my neighborhood is the diversity. I love the fact you can see what little area a person comes from behind their swag and slangs. I love that my neighborhood welcomes all and allows you to be you with your art.

How is your neighborhood changing?

My Neighborhood changing everyday. With the new business and the fire that moves through the community in the locals to own what’s theirs. I’m changing my neighborhood everyday I like showing kids like who I once was there is more to life and you can make something special out of the things you actually love.

What will never change about your neighborhood?

The people and the pride we carry as South Floridians.


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