The Barrelmen's Homecoming 2018

We are all Barrelmen (and Women)

JUNE 25TH – 28TH 2018

The Jameson Barrelmen are an important part of the Jameson success story and you will still find them represented on the bottle today.

John Jameson himself was the first to lend a hand around the distillery to help the workers out.

Today those hard workers include the people who look after the production of the whiskey and those who fearlessly serve it up to consumers around the world in true Jameson style! It is only right that we unite our global Jameson Barrelmen and gather you all in the heart and home of Jameson for the Barrelmen’s Homecoming; fearing less and living more, continuing John Jameson’s legacy since 1780.

To get you excited for the Barrelmen's Homecoming 2018, take a look at what we got up to last year.

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