Jay Pei and Hinano cross-culturally collaborate on their new track

The beauty of connection? It can happen anywhere. You never know who you might meet — whether they’re from down the street or from the opposite end of the world.

That’s why, we linked New Delhi-based producer and DJ, Jay Pei, with Thai indie pop artist Hinano to create something truly special. Our three-part series explores their creative journey, travelling from Delhi to Bangkok in the process.

To establish a connection before their collaboration, the pair met for the first time in India. Jay gave Hinano the run-down on Indian art and culture and the pair began to bounce ideas around for their track. Then, it was off to the shimmering haze of the desert to see Jay Pei perform his electrifying set live at Magnetic Fields festival.

Next it was over to Hinano to give Jay Pei a cultural education in Bangkok. The pair explored the vibrant streets of the city, chatting about the music and arts scene that ignites every fibre of the colourful metropolis. This gave them even more inspiration for their track, and they delved deeper into the creative process.

After two weeks of creation and collaboration, the final track, Girl In Your Dreams, is here. Hypnotic, smooth and utterly addictive, it fuses Jay Pei’s electronic beats with Hinano’s lush vocals and incredible lyrical abilities. Experience the magic below.