Lights, Camera, Action! #JamesonxPulseInfluencerAwards

Jameson x Pulse Influencer Awards

Jameson Irish Whiskey has partnered with Pulse; for the 2023 edition of the Pulse Influencer Awards.


An awards ceremony that seeks to put in the spotlight on the most influential personalities in the online community, celebrating remarkable influencers who have left an indelible mark on their audiences.

Category Sponsor for Arts & Photography Award

We Empower Influencers To Connect!

Jameson over the years has been a major pioneer in supporting Ghanaian creatives and has provided avenues for creative expression by young Ghanaians.

We’re drawn to influencers who understand how to excite and connect with their communities. Both online and offline of course!

We also like to empower influencers to Connect With Kindred Spirits through culturally relevant, contagious content with fresh, open perspective, cultivating kinship at every turn.

That is why we will be presenting the award for the Arts and Photography Category.

The winner must have a mastery in developing best in class creative works

Contagious, Fresh and Relevant Content

The winner for this category must have Strong Social Media marketing skills in curated works of art and photography and must have mastered skills in Developing Best in Class Creative Works.

Our partnership with Pulse Ghana only goes to reinforce our commitment to real human connections, Rooted in the Ghanaian Culture.

We’re excited to be one of the major sponsors of this years’ awards and wish all nominees the very best.

Team Jameson

Jameson Irish Whiskey