Freedom, Fun & Whiskey at Jameson Connects Nigeria 2021

World Beard Day, has become a cultural phenomenon on the rise, and Jameson Irish Whiskey has continued to play a pivotal role in supporting and giving a voice to Bearded Brothers, and the beard community.

Marking the celebration on the 5th of September, Jameson is promoting the beard culture and rekindling the identity of the community, as it commemorates the special day, striking a balance with inclusion.

Elevating the status of this year’s celebration, Jameson further champions it’s purpose of an all-inclusive society by telling the beard stories of not just the brothers and beard enthusiasts, but also from the perspective of female to drive the message home.

Featuring a curated photo session with renowned photographer, Emmanuel Oyeleke, bearded brothers were given an opportunity to create and share their portrait stories.

The campaign also included bitesize videos like What If, Vox Pop & Beard Talk Jameson takes a light-hearted look at our bearded brothers in conversations and sharing their funny beard stories.

With a purpose to change the stereotype narrative around alternative communities, Jameson takes a deeper look at the men who wear beards and what that feels like in this part of the world through an emotionally compelling mini-documentary titled; More Than A Beard.

Jameson takes a look beyond the misconceptions of the burgeoning beard community in Nigeria by championing real people and their stories through a powerful and inspirational series of light-hearted videos and a short film that depict courage, foster inclusivity and brings everyday Nigerians together.

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