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Refreshing and Classic Flavors

Canned Cocktails to Sip On-the-Go

Enjoy this chilled collection inspired by the best Jameson cocktails, whatever the occasion, wherever you are. Made with natural flavors and the perfect balance with Jameson Irish Whiskey.
A fresh, bubbly and superior taste experience.

For Canned Cocktails

Jameson Ginger & Lime

This perfectly mixed combination of Irish whiskey from Jameson with Ginger & Lime makes for a refreshing lower ABV option for Summer. Enjoy chilled, straight from the can wherever you go!

For Canned Cocktails

Jameson Lemonade

A simple, crisp, and refreshing blend of Irish whiskey and lemonade perfect for sharing among friends. Enjoy chilled out of the can or over ice if you fancy.

For Canned Cocktails

Jameson Orange Spritz

A bubbling blend of citrus flavors and Irish whiskey from Jameson. Enjoy straight from the can or pour it over ice if you fancy.