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Option 1


Thanks for the email. It’s great hearing from you. It’s also great to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Which is why I’m out of the office on SPTO (St. Patrick’s Day Time Off) spending time with friends and family.

Hope you can do the same!


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Option 2

[image of Jameson Desk Decoy]

Hi. So this isn’t me. It’s my Jameson Desk Decoy. Here to take care of things while I’m away from the office enjoying St. Patrick’s Day Time Off (SPTO).

Whatever you need, they can help. Unless you need them to write or talk.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back on Monday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Option 3

Hi there.

This is an out of office reply. But not just any out of office reply. It’s an out of office reply for St. Patrick’s Day.

Because days like today weren’t meant for cubicles. No. Today is for family. And friends. Even Gary from down the street. Or is it Gerry? I’m not good with names.

Point is, I’m out on SPTO, but I’m celebrating with you in spirit.

See you on Monday.

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