Jameson First Shot 2016

How many great untold stories are out there? Jameson First Shot wants to provide a platform for burgeoning filmmakers who have a vision and a voice, but don’t have the benefit of an influential uncle in the movie business.

Year 5 of the Jameson First Shot competition will see Maggie Gyllenhaal take on the lead role in three shorts written and directed by up-and-coming filmmakers, following on from Creative Director Kevin Spacey's starring role in 2012, Willem Dafoe in 2013, Uma Thurman in 2014 and Adrien Brody in 2015.

Jameson First Shot sees Jameson Irish Whiskey collaborate with Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Production to give three filmmakers the chance to bring their talent to life. For more details go to www.jamesonfirstshot.com

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