The classic story of the underdog Jameson Cult Film Club has been encouraging obsessive compulsive behaviour amongst fanatical moviegoers since 2011. It brings cult films to fans around Ireland with an immersive, interactive, and action packed film experience like no other.

For three nights only, the Jameson Cult Film Club will have the privilege of witnessing the greatest exhibition of guts and stamina in the history of the ring. ROCKY will bound onto the screen for three bouts of the Jameson Cult Film Club, Friday July 1st at a top secret location in Galway, and Wednesday July 6th and Thursday July 7th, at a surprise venue in Dublin.

On the 40th anniversary from when Rocky Balboa first went the distance, this exciting triple bill will deliver the full ROCKY experience in true Jameson Cult Film Club style, transporting the audience to the centre of the action in Philadelphia.

So grab the Paulie to your Rocky and get registered over on Jameson Cult Film for your chance to bob and weave your way to the Jameson Cult Film Club, the ultimate film experience of the summer.