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About the Distillery

We’re calling last orders at the Old Jameson Distillery, closing from September 1st until March 2017 in order to bring you the greatest living whiskey experience - just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Don’t worry, like every good home, you’ll always be welcome back.
Stay tuned here from September to follow our progress.

We appreciate your patience during this time. However, if you are in Dublin during August, drop by Bow St. - we are open and look forward to seeing you!


Discover the Jameson Irish Whiskey story, where the last chapter is drinkable. Visit the original Bow Street distillery in Smithfield Dublin, the place we’ve called home ever since John Jameson first set up shop in 1780. A trip to Bow Street offers guided tours and tasting experiences that will give you a real appreciation for the Jameson story, from our heritage, to our production process which gives us our unique, iconic taste.

Guided Tour

A guided tour, where you will see, taste and smell the Jameson Irish whiskey experience. Our passionate tour guides will walk you through the living history of the Old Jameson Distillery, where the legend of John Jameson began. You’ll get a glimpse into our past, and the craft and traditions that we have lived by, for over two centuries.

You will end the tour by putting theory into practice, with a comparative tasting, giving you an understanding of the key differences between Scotch, American and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Since memories can fade over time, you’ll also be given a refreshing Jameson Ginger and Lime, a coveted Jameson Whiskey Tasting Certificate, and all the bragging rights that come with it.

Tours run approximately every 15 minutes from April – October and every 25 minutes from November to March.

Please note that tours can sell out during peak times and we recommend that you book in advance to avoid thirst and disappointment.

Book Online and save 10% on adult admission. Group sizes up to 15pax can be booked online.

Jameson Whiskey Masterclass

An experience for the true whiskey advocate! Allow our whiskey experts to guide you through the subtle differences between Malt & Grain whiskey, Distillation and Maturation while savouring four samples from the Jameson premium range.

These include:

  • Jameson Original
  • Jameson Distillery Reserve
  • Jameson Black Barrel
  • Jameson Gold

Not quite the classroom but definitely an intimate private Jameson tutorial that explains the unique craft story of Single Pot Still whiskey.

Especially tailored for the discerning guest who has a deep interest in all things Irish Whiskey.

All guests receive a coveted Jameson Masterclass tasting certificate and a complimentary gift once inducted into the archives of the Old Jameson Distillery.

Available Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays and added days subject to availability.
Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
Price: €30.00 pp (Masterclasses are suitable for adults only. Children are not permitted to attend)
Receive a 10% discount when booked online. Limit of 15 guests per class.

To book: call +353 (0) 1 807 2355 or Email:

Jameson Taste Experience

Available all day - No time limits - Price €22.50pp

Pull up a stool at JJ’s Bar and order a tasting mat with four of our favourite Jameson Family Reserve whiskeys. Sample the much celebrated Jameson Distillery Reserve 12 years Old, Jameson Select Reserve, Jameson Gold Reserve and Jameson 18year old Reserve. Whether before or after your tour, or just to soak up the atmosphere in the heart of the Distillery, this is truly a great way to discover the highlights of our Reserve portfolio.

Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel

Bottle Your Own

Available in the Gift Shop. Price €100.00

In the whiskey world, John Jameson’s name on a bottle has become shorthand for quality. We now offer you the chance to become part of this legacy, you can now hand fill a bottle of Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel from a live bourbon cask before personalising the label with your name, the date, the number of the cask, the bottle number and the alcohol strength (currently 59%). By logging your bottle in the Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel ledger, you can ensure that your name goes down in whiskey history.