Steve McCarthy

2017 Limited Edition Edition Bottle Designer

Our Limited Edition Bottles provides us with a platform to highlight and empower local talent. This year we were delighted to collaborate with the amazingly talented Dublin illustrator and designer Steve McCarthy.

His original bottle design was inspired by the Irish phrase “to chance your arm”, which roughly translates as taking a shot in the dark or a step outside your comfort zone. As Steve’s design suggests, Dublin loves a chancer — just ask John Jameson who left his comfort zone behind to set up a distillery here in 1780.

If you can’t be in Dublin this St. Patrick’s Day, get a taste of the city with the Jameson Limited Edition Bottle. Steve’s design is packed with symbols and observations that make Dublin, Dublin.

Watch Steve McCarthy talk through his inspiration for creating this year’s Limited Edition Bottle in the video below.


ジェムソン アイリッシュウイスキー

ご想像の通り、2世紀以上にわたって楽しまれてきたブレンデッドアイリッシュウイスキーを造るには多くの時間や工程を必要とします。しかし心配はご無用。200年以上にわたって蒸留してきた勇気、技術、職人達による味と香りの見極めを簡単な説明にまとめました。当社ウイスキーの特徴的な滑らかさの秘訣 - その酒造工程と職人についてご紹介します。