Our whiskey is known for its smoothness, but our history has been a bumpy ride. At Bow Street’s peak in the late 1800’s, it covered 5 acres, employed over 300 workers, and was a city within a city in Dublin’s Smithfield area. But the first half of the twentieth century tested our fortitude. World War I & II, the Irish Civil War, Prohibition, and British Trade Embargoes all hit the Irish Whiskey industry hard. Some brave decisions and a committed team of workers helped Jameson survive tough times and thrive in recent years as one of the world’s most celebrated spirits.

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Jameson vecā viskija darītava (The Old Jameson Distillery) līdz martam var būt slēgta, bet Midltonas viskija darītavas durvis ir plaši atvērtas.

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