Jameson Distillery Bow St.

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The Whiskey Makers

The Whiskey Makers experience is a whiskey masterclass which provides a 90 minute, in-depth exploration of Jameson Original and the three whiskeys that make up the Whiskey Makers Series: Distiller’s Safe, Cooper’s Croze and Blender’s Dog. Each was developed by one of our Master whiskey Makers and represents their ideal expression of a whiskey.

One of our knowledgeable Jameson Ambassadors will guide you through a tasting experience that teaches you how to deconstruct the ingredients, craft and different flavour profiles of each whiskey. As well as using it to impress your friends, your new-found knowledge will come in handy when you get to blend your own whiskey to take home. Our motto is ‘fear a bit less, live a bit more’ and to that point, we think blending your own whiskey in the home of Jameson is one for the bucket list. Most whiskey blenders spend decades learning their craft, so ninety minutes is a pretty handy shortcut.

The whiskey tour continues into the Maturation Warehouse where you’ll have the rare opportunity to sample whiskey straight from the cask.

Please note that this is a tasting & does not include a guided tour but if you'd like one, then be sure to check out our Bow St. Experience.

Experience Includes:

  • Fully hosted experience
  • 90 minutes in duration
  • 16 participants
  • Available 7 days
  • Blending exercise
  • Visit to Maturation Warehouse

Remember, the early bird catches the worm so be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your tour and check in at our reception. Late birds sadly catch no such worms, they just risk missing their tour.

We’re sorry but this experience is not suitable for kids. Silver lining, it’s time to call the babysitter.