"It's the combination of the two - science and art - that brings together the mastery of the process with the mystery of its humble ingredients."

If Jameson’s iconic taste and smoothness had a formula, the holder of it would be Head of Whiskey Science, David Quinn.

A figure whose passion for Irish whiskey stems from his interest in the complexities of flavour and mood that make up the spirit, David joined the Midleton team over thirty years ago, and is now recognised as one of the most integral ingredients in the Distillery’s mix. Although based in science, David’s role also requires knowledge of the craft that goes into making Jameson. He analyses the very highest standards of pot still whiskey, while researching and developing the distillation process behind it.

This dedication to continual innovation and appreciation of the fundamental flavours and ingredients contained in each blend is integral to David’s role, and is something that’s at the very heart of what we do in the Distillery. He enjoys experiencing the subtleties, tones and textures of Midleton’s prized output; “It's this indefinable nature that makes a reserve whiskey far more than the sum of its parts. Because we're always trying to make new and different styles of whiskeys, you learn very quickly what’s important, what impacts on the final taste and flavour... and what doesn't”. David’s ability to combine a methodical, scientific approach with an appreciation of some of the more intangible elements is realised throughout the family of Jameson whiskeys, but perhaps most in the reliably smooth textures of Jameson Original. There are many elements required to make Ireland’s most iconic whiskey, but it is David’s role to ensure that they all come together to create that unmistakable Jameson taste. His contribution to the process could be described as smoothness personified.

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