Jameson Distillery Bow St.

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The Whiskey Shakers

Like a house, a cocktail requires a good foundation. The 90-minute Whiskey Shakers experience is a cocktail masterclass which immerses you in the world of Jameson whiskeys and explores the cocktails that have emerged from them. Your skilled Jameson bartender will guide you through the history, ingredients and recipes of both world famous and freshly-minted Jameson cocktails. In the Shakers’ Room you’ll be provided with all of the professional bar tools and ingredients required to turn the recipes into masterpieces.

Juggling and other bartender tricks won’t improve the taste of the cocktail, but we won’t judge whatever helps you unleash your inner mixologist. After all, we wouldn’t be living up to our family motto, Sine Metu, which translates as "without fear", if we discouraged you from taking a bold approach. After enjoying your new creations you’ll continue into the Maturation House where you’ll have the rare opportunity to sample whiskey straight from the cask.

Please note that this is a tasting & does not include a guided tour but if you'd like one, then be sure to check out our Bow St. Experience.

Experience Includes:

  • Fully hosted experience
  • 90 minutes in duration
  • 16 participants
  • Available 7 days
  • Cocktail making
  • Visit to Maturation Warehouse

Remember, the early bird catches the worm so be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your tour and check in at our reception. Late birds sadly catch no such worms, they just risk missing their tour.

We’re sorry but this experience is not suitable for kids. Silver lining, it’s time to call the babysitter.