Jameson Distillery Bow St.

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Bow St. Market

We encourage you to take photos throughout your time with us but if you’re looking to refresh your tastebuds’ memory when you get home, we’ll point you in the direction of our Bow St. Market.

You can pick up special whiskey offerings including the exclusive Jameson Distillery Edition, or you can bottle your very own Jameson Black Barrel Cask Strength.


A whiskey of exceptional depth that can only be found here.

Our Distillery Edition has been bottled exclusively for visitors to our home at Bow St. Dublin. It is a whiskey of exceptional depth, balancing pot still warmth with sherry wood to reveal notes of ripe fruit and fig with subtle vanilla and charred oak characteristics.


Jameson Black Barrel is a firm favourite of the Jameson family and now visitors can hand fill a bottle, straight from the cask. You fill your bottle of cask strength whiskey, straight from a live bourbon barrel and personalise the label by hand with your name, the date, the whiskey’s cask number and ABV. Finally, you get the chance to log your bottle and write your name into the long, storied history of Jameson.

The market also celebrates local craft with special offerings from Irish designers including Carve On, Me&Him&You and Mullingar Pewter.

Consider it a little something for you to remember us by.