Jameson Distillery Bow St.

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About Us

Welcome to ​Jameson Distillery ​Bow St., the place where our story began. John Jameson founded his distillery here in 1780, right in the heart of Smithfield, Dublin.

We’re Irish, so whether telling a few of our own or overhearing a couple at the pub, storytelling is in our blood. We’ve been making whiskey for well over two hundred years, so we’ve obviously had to cut a few long stories short, but our aim is to take you on a journey from past to present; along the path of generations of true craftsmen and the founder of Jameson.

Our family motto, Sine Metu, roughly translates as ‘fear a bit less, live a bit more’ and you’ll learn how generations of barrelman have put that into action to cement our legacy.

If you feel inspired to live your life by our motto at the end of the tour we have something up our sleeves. Our story is well and good, but we know that no ​whiskey tour ​would be complete without a whiskey tasting​, so at the end of every experience, we let the liquid speak for itself.