Jameson Distillery Midleton

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Academy Experience

Midleton is also the home of the Irish Whiskey Academy, our world class whiskey training centre that has become a sort of spiritual home for self-proclaimed Irish whiskey nerds. Here we offer courses on the entire "grain to glass" production process as well as the heritage of Irish whiskey.

After The Academy we’ll bring you to our live distillery* to see whiskey production in the flesh and taste maturing whiskey straight from the barrel.

Experience Includes:

  • Welcome & Introduction to Midleton Distillery
  • Overview of Pot Still and Continuous Whiskey Distillation
  • New Make Spirit Tasting
  • The Wonder of Oak Wood Maturation
  • Working Stillhouse & Warehouse Visits*
  • Barrel Opening & Whiskey Sampling
  • Premium Whiskey Tasting
  • 2hrs 45 in duration

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our home.